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Are you looking to earn some extra money? Maybe you want to book a holiday or enjoy extra luxuries each month?

You can earn that extra money with Avon as a Representative! You can apply to Join Avon Cosmetics and start your Avon Business within minutes and before you know it, you could be jetting off on Holiday or on your way to buy a new car!

And the best bit? You can join Avon today, with no upfront costs and no requirements! So what are you waiting for? Join Avon today and start earning some extra money each campaign!

The Three Steps To Starting Your Avon Journey!

The First Step to Joining Avon is to apply! You can apply to Join our Avon Team through this very website, either by navigating to Join Avon or by Joining one of our Sales Leaders! This step only takes a couple of seconds and only requires your basic information, so that we can process you into the Avon System, ready for Step 2!

The Second Step to Joining Avon is to show a form of Photographic ID and Proof Of Address to your new Sales Leader. Again this part is easy and requires you to have a 30 second video call with your Sales Leader, to hold up your ID and Letter! Your Sales Leader will then process your ID and Proof Of Address!

The Third Step to Joining Avon is to start your Avon Journey! This part is the best part and it involves you working with your Sales Leader to secure your first sale as a Representative! You also get to meet the rest of our team and work with our Leaders to start building your Avon Business both Online & Offline!

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How Can You Join Avon Cosmetics?

Whether you want to Sell Avon or Build A Team, anybody can Join Avon Cosmetics and start their Avon Journey with us! The process of Joining Avon and starting your own Avon Business is actually easy, very easy!

All it takes is a couple of minutes to apply and a member of our team will be in touch to complete your Avon Application! Our Sales Leaders are regularly available to complete Avon Applications too, meaning that we will be in touch and completing your Application pretty much straight after you apply!

And the best bit? To Join Avon Cosmetics, the only requirement is that you are over the age of 18! As long as you are 18 or over, you can start your Avon Journey!