Become An Avon Leader

Do You Want to build your own Avon business?

As an Avon Representative, you sell products in return for a commission, however when you Join Avon, you join as part of somebodies team, that person being an Avon Sales Leader. Avon Sales Leaders recruit and build a team of Representatives alongside their own personal sales and they get paid from Avon at the end of each campaign on the sales that your team has done.

So alongside selling personally to your own customers, you manage and have Representatives that sell to earn commission too, while earning you money through your total team sales!

How does it work when you become an Avon Representative?

When you Become An Avon Representative, you sell products on behalf of Avon, in return for a commission of 20-25%, however as you are an Independent Sales Representative, you get a lot of attached bonuses and extras when selling on behalf of Avon such as access to the Representative Discount Brochure, Commission of 20-25% for your Avon Sales, Access to the Avon Demo Brochure and much more!

It’s this same system that has allowed Representatives of Avon to increase their income by over 10 times what they were earning just through Personal Sales and it’s how some of the biggest Avon Representatives earn their money and they have built Avon Businesses that are worth thousands of pounds each campaign!

How can you get started?

To get started on your journey to becoming an Avon Sales Leader, you need to sign up and join Avon Cosmetics as a Representative. This process is extremely easy and can be done below, but this is the first stage of Avon. Once you have signed up to Avon, we will work with you for your first campaign to introduce you into the world of being an Avon Sales Leader and what the position entails before signing you to Avon as a Sales Leader at the end of your first campaign!

The process is easy and we will work with you through every step of the process to ensure that you know what you are doing and how you can expand and build your Avon Business along with your Income!

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