Become An Avon Representative

Can you share posts on Facebook? Or post brochures through doors?

When you Join Avon, you have complete flexibility on how you sell. This means that if you feel more comfortable posting on Facebook and Sharing Posts within Groups, you can do exactly that! If you would prefer to post brochures locally and collect the orders, you can do that too! Or you can do both if that’s how you would like to Sell Avon, the choice is yours!

How does it work when you become an Avon Representative?

When you Become An Avon Representative, you sell products on behalf of Avon, in return for a commission of 20-25%, however as you are an Independent Sales Representative, you get a lot of attached bonuses and extras when selling on behalf of Avon such as access to the Representative Discount Brochure, Commission of 20-25% for your Avon Sales, Access to the Avon Demo Brochure and much more!

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